The Silly Things they do at Hippy Schools

Hello, welcome back! [This was the first entry after 5 blank days in this diary] Leaving you downstairs wasn’t very nice of me. Sorry.

G’night. [crossed out]

Oh yea. I recalled past lives today.
1893-1964 – Alice [The name of my favorite teacher. What a stunning coincidence.]
Around 1700 – A pioneer man with a wife and a cabin in the woods [One of my favorite books as a kid: Little House in the Big Woods]
1500 – A cart horse [Favorite toys: a bunch of plastic animals, among them two cart horses (which I just remembered I had named Columbia and Victoria)]
? AD – A panther [A dramatic story involving which takes place in the above mentioned book]
B.C. – A short-lived hunting dog. [And I’d just finished reading The Plague Dogs]


[It’ll be interesting to see if later entries in journals reflect my growing scepticism.]

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