Playing Tunnels & Trolls with family

On family RV-camping vacation along the Oregon coast—my parents, my grandparents, me, fellow kid Morgan who lived with us with his mom (she looked after us in afternoon while my folks were at work, then they looked after us while she was at evening classes).

Night at Sunset Bay.

From my mother’s journal of the trip:

“Before bedtime we had a short Tunnels & Trolls game with Dinah as Dungeon Master, & Jinx, Paul, & Morgan as adventurers. Besides our regular adventure characters (Jinx as half-elf mage Serendipity Thomas, Paul as elf-mage Floki Fairhair, & Morgan as dwarf fighter Aldo Snowdon with his charismatic mule Demo Shineyhooves), Dinah & Mort had rolled up a couple of “ringers”—a male elf, Slythra Slyne, & a female dwarf fighter, Jili Ironore. We adventured long enough for Floki & Serendipity to be gravely reduced in constitution through some nasty mishaps, & Slythra was magically transformed into a badger—& equipped with seven-league boots… We came to a resting place & Paul & Jinx (who felt as if they really were reduced to constitution points 3 each) decided to call it a night.”

[The next day had sand castle building by day and (someone who was probably me but maybe Morgan too playing Solitaire Dungeon). And the day after “& for the younger set Dungeon Adventures.”]

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