Writing Exercise For School

Dinah Sanders
Core Group

Dear Olivia [one of our teachers],

Our teacher is too irresponsible and seems to have gone insane. He does not seem to be able to withstand the strain of his position. He has lost what control he may have had over his classes. Let me quote him; Scott Stewart brought his breakfast into class and Lisa Fassl complained about him not sharing; Jack [Mingo] said: “If only Jesus were here he could make this into enough food for the multitudes.”

He opens his class by leaning out the door and saying: “Hey kids, guess what time it is?” To which his class and several other classes responded; “It’s Howdy Doody time!”

During class he said:
“I’ve been getting off on your journals.”
“Chuckle, chuckle.”
“Can you get me a date with Toni Tenielle?”
“I used to play keyboards and listen to Beach Boys records.”
“I’m sorry, you’ll have to get enlightenment from yourself.”
“I have enemies everywhere, enemies and spies.”
“I shove it in and it gives me money.”
“Whip it.”
“I wanna hold your rat.”

The record speaks for itself. I rest my case.
[signed] Dinah Sanders

[Below this in another set of much better handwriting] Would you like to be on the personnell [sic] committee to review this man’s employment. O

[at the bottom of the page in my writing] Just kidding, folks

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