Why don’t we cover 3 opinions?

I don't agree that men or women are superior over each other. I believe there is a basic equality. I am angry that this is so funny a topic (Women better than Men) On Thursday will that topic seem much more acceptable? I am afraid it might be to both the males and females in the class. Sure I'm hedging, I don't like the idea of one sex being better than the other so I don't really want to start writing about that. I believe that women are Naturally equal to men, but socially inferior. This discrimination seems to be almost out of use, but when some males can't come up with one area where women are superior I start to get worried. Women are naturally superior at long-distance running, at enduring pain, men are naturally stronger and are better at lifting and carrying. Women have stronger legs, men have stronger arms. It's all in the limbs.

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Dinah from Kabalor

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One thought on “Why don’t we cover 3 opinions?”

  1. Many people say it’s not true that women have stronger legs. I seriously do believe women/girls have stronger legs. Men do have stronger arms but women’s legs are stronger than men’s arms. I am very interested in this man vs woman thing. Three times I have arranged some strength tests between a girl and a boy. Neither of them is working out at all but they are not fat either. The boys always had stronger arms and the girls always had stronger legs. Men are considered the stronger sex just because they have stronger arms and bigger biceps. But if you seriously would like to pick the strongest sex it would be women. Not by much but I believe women are a little stronger overall.


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