The freewriting I did yesterday was the visual 1/2 of a video I would like to do.

    John is wearing a beach hat and shirt and sunglasses. He is eating an apple. I think he is probably a very bright guy, but he just tones it down by goofing off in class. Maybe I should try not to encourage him to be funny, but I don't want to seem cold.

    I don't know how I'm going to do on the S.A.T. I'm not going to be able to study much at all. I have too much homework as it is. Mr. Fisher doesn't care what you say the whole class could be flunking and he wouldn't tell them and he wouldn't slow down. Mr. Johnson is just a zealous, new teacher who will not be as good next year, but a hell of a lot easier to work with. Mr. Bedell knows that Sandra and I got stuck in the 'bonehead government' class, and he takes pretty good care of us and lets us out of class. Mrs. Lingelser is my favorite teacher. She can be really nice without comprimising herself.

More Homework! Too Much! Aiee! I'll never get to study for the S.A.T. Now!


Freewriting Non-assignment (#249)

I must stink. I'm sweating like an ox. Delivering these stupid carnations is hell. [Some fundraiser thing where one could order a flower to be delivered to someone else]


Physical – there are too many different kinds of people I'm attracted to to decide on a particular look.

    I don't believe in perfection so this assignment is impossible from the start.


I feel dumped on. I won't change my mind unless he changes. He is too demanding. I don't want to go steady with anyone. [I guess I had split up with or assumed I was split up with the current boyfriend being written about to this point] I tell him over and over and he keeps saying "well, maybe you'll change your mind" "If you change your mind tell me o.k." TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN DAMN SELF, NATHAN. GROWL.

Oh depression, oh forlornness! [I see my anger to sadness converter was in fine working order in those days]

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