English class

Freewriting subject: "Write about some interesting work you are doing in another class. (ideas: art, history, or science projects, shop…) If you can't think of anything interesting, then write about a project that you wish you were working on. Do you think your teacher would considers the idea? Write a course proposal (including objectives) for the project."


* Free will v.s. determinism – d: "a doctrine that acts of the will, natural events, and such, are determined by preceding causes or Fate" F.w. "the power to choose"

* Hedonism v.s. acceticism – h "the doctrine that pleasure is the chief good in life." a: "practicing self-denial (for religious reasons, esp.) or spiritual discipline."

*Romanticism v.s. stoicism – R. "emphasis on the imagination and emotions, the self, and 'nature' — esp. the literary movement in 19th century England" s. "denying passion, showing indifference to pain, esp. after Zeno (308 B.C. Athens)"

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