Freewriting for 11/9 done 11/13

I would like to teach a course on role-playing games. I have taught this course twice already and I have always found it enjoyable despite it being a lot of work. I have dealt with Tunnels and Trolls, Dungeons and Dragons, and Bunnies and Burrows. I would like to do more research into these 3 and perhaps add one or two more. I could spend the first week talking about my experiences with role-playing and working with the students to decide what we want to do with this class. For the next 5 or 6 weeks we could spend one week on each game, discussing various aspects of it in relation to the player, the dungeonmaster and the purchaser. The last 2 or 3 weeks the students would give their presentations. I would require each student to give an oral presentation and a demonstration of a role-playing game. More credit would be given if they presented a game not covered by me in the course. The objective of the class would be to increase players' knowledge of gaming and role-playing and to help them find the right game (or games) for them. I would enjoy having teachers as members of the class. I think they would find it to be a harder and more serious class than they expected.

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