One nice thing about a school as big as this is that it is possible to avoid people. N. is just repulsive to me now. I don't want to have any contact with him at all. Maybe that seems really cold, but he just dumps on me too much. I want to kick him.

    John is still attractive. I enjoy his company, but I have a hard time with his [tobacco] chewing, etc. (especially the etc.) Greg is fun to flirt with, but I think things will work out better if we just keep it at flirting. N. is ugly. I don't even want to look at him. [older guy (by a few years) met through Ren Faire crowd]. Why would Roderic tell me to watch out for guys like him? Mayhaps I shall ask [older guy]. I think I'll try to tame [older guy]. He pushes but he does check. I will have to be very careful. Maybe I'll even talk to Roderic about it. [Older guy] is very pretty. Why does it bother me that John parties and not that [older guy] does? Is [older guy] any more trustworthy?

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