I finally got home from work after driving all over looking for a copy of Beginning Active Server Pages 2.0. <yawn>

Fourth time lucky.
Kepler’s in Menlo Park had it. A lovely store, I’m always happy to give them my business and even more so this time because I ran into Laurie with whom I used to work at A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books in Cupertino. A fine human being. So it was all very pleasant for 2+ hours spent driving from store to store looking for something and I am very cheerful.

And I swear I didn’t buy those cards just so I could go back and talk to that gorgeous creature behind the counter some more. I mean, I had other reasons. I even know who the cards are for. Honest.

Mmm, bookstore boys.

[This post was originally under a section called “random synaptic firings” which was linked from the page about Dinah. The rsf section held longer, more emotional writings and was the precursor to my blog].

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