How to be a Real Geek Grrl

Looking at interesting resources on visual ergonomics forwarded by Peter.

This is the about coolest thing I’ve seen in a while: It’s time to rid yourself of evil [Maybe at this link as of Dec 2003]. (Thanks, bud).

Ok, so it’s 7:30. I left work early, so I could read my big book of ASPs in peace. Yeah, well, I read a chapter. Of course, I also read my email, had a salad, looked at sixdegrees, looked at bud, looked at all kinds of cool stuff linked from bud, listened to some Traffic, iced my knee (yes, a bit sore from overdoing it on the weekend, but not too bad, s’ok), ate some quiche, put on Poi Dog Pondering, and updated this. Ok, chapter two. No, really.

Real geek grrlz read technical manuals in the bathtub. 🙂

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