Got email today from number one on my list of people I lost touch with who I’d love to connect with again. 🙂
Hi, Elf! Missed you.

Wound up working an extra hour. And missing the bus. *sigh* Still only got home 40 minutes later than I would have if I had a working car, but it got me thinking, sitting in chilly suburbia, about what I could do with those 40 minutes. I could work them, assuming I have a client to bill them to which I currently do, and make enough to make a car payment. And I could stop at the store with them now and then to get the ingredients with which I could spend that time making myself a lunch instead of buying it. Or I could spend them working on Inkspot which might make me some money if I invested more time in it. So, since I do not live or work in a true urban area with flexible public transit, since it’s getting cold, since my knee hurts a bit from all this walking, since I can work out a way to afford it, I am abandoning the moral high ground and reconsidering internal combustion. Sorry, Peter. How about if you teach me to ride a bike again next spring when, I hope, my knee can handle it?

Need to rest my arm before typing more, but watch this space for a revised version of my thesis with extra citations to back up my wild claim that the web needs design documentation.

…Hot Bath Interlude…

Followed by a whole bunch of writin’ and citin’ leading to the revised final draft of my report and bibliography

Bibliography in Word [links removed when post migrated into Typepad in 2004]
also text
also rich text format

Report in Word
also text
also rich text format

I am really tired now. The alarm is going off in 6 hours. I hope that is enough to get me through another long day…

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