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Happy black cat appreciation day! (Special message to Oban: brrrraaah?)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
monkey with wrench
You need Webmonkey!
(ok, now do you recognize the icon up there in the navigation buttons that isn’t the ball or the spot? Yes, yes, I’m gonna redraw it). [That old navigation was retired long before I migrated this post into Typepad]

I was not exactly motivated at work today, but managed to actually accomplish a surprising amount anyhow.

I did leave an hour and a half early so I could deal with the chaos caused by my bank getting bought by another bank with an uglier logo. It was a pain in the ass.

I was disappointed the other day not to have been able to add a brush with fame to my sixdegrees profile: “ICQ’d Peter Merholz while he did dishes in his underwear. No, I don’t understand how he does that.”

I followed links from Peterme and ICQ’d the brand himself while doing so. Seems like there oughta be a word for that.

Now I will do dishes, but my apartment is too cold for me to strip down to my underwear. You’ll have to go back to imagining me writing my thesis in the bathtub if you’re looking for titillation.

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