Geek pleasures

Had a productive, but not as productive as we’d hoped day at work. *phew* Glad it’s over.

The good part of today was getting to work with Ev. It’d be nice to do a project together from the get-go. I could certainly learn a lot from him about dynamically created sites. His design sense is very good and he writes clean code. Smells nice too. Good webmonkey, havabanana.

Ok, I’m going to download my monkeyjunkies list mail. It’s been a while…ah…heh…
879 messages. I’ll just put ’em over here in this folder with the other ones. I swear I’m gonna read these someday.

Oh, that reminds me: I have another checkmark on my Digerati membership application. I’ve been quoted on Webmonkey.
Not once, but twice!
And I got the kicker spot both times – thanks, Jim & Jay!
Ok, it’s not Wired, but it’s Wired Digital. And I have the monkey hat! (“More Monkey!!!”) Such a pity they currently list me as “anonymous” [since corrected], but those who know me will recall my solemn advice:
Ben & Jerry’s CoffeeCoffeeBuzzBuzzBuzz ice cream is not a good bedtime snack.

And They Might Be Giants sing “Extra Savoir-Faire” and I think, as I always do, of Fred. So, when you walk down the street do most guys look like elves?

I got new flannel sheets in the mail today. Mmm. I am the Queen of Cozy!

The aforementioned Fred is probably rather disappointed in me for not coming to juggling tonight. I got home late, had an odd several part dinner and am doing domestic stuff like laundry and making the bed and taking out the trash. Yeah, lame, I know, but my life is so much happier when I have clean things to put next to my skin and when the garbage doesn’t smell.

How do you do a show over and over and over a thousand times and still keep it magic and satisfying for both the audience and yourself? What an astoundingly challenging career choice. And nice to have friends who’ve decided to take it on. Break a leg, John, Mark; I’m always front row center in spirit even if my body can’t really make it.

Mmm, quotes AND snarky little comments – two great tastes in one delicious site:

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