F/X Reunion and finishing the degree

Worked a short day (5 hours) and then jumped through my last academic bureacratic hoop (at least as a student, I’m sure they’ll have a new set for teachers). I turned in the final final final binding version of my project report and I am now officially done with my masters degree. They still have to send me a little piece of paper, but I am now Dinah P. Sanders, M.L.I.S.

Had dinner at Fil’s house along with Deb, Chris & Tori and we planned F/X: the Reunion. If you were a member of the big happy family of clubgoers and employees, send your name, email and snailmail addresses to [filco.com] and get on the list for an invitation. Better dig out that old black card. You’ve got until February to decide what to wear. (I’ll be doing the website soon – watch this space).

My ISP is misbehaving badly, if you don’t hear from me except from work, that’s why. Grrr.

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