Feety Pajamas!

Had a fabulous time yesterday evening at Dylan’s Welsh pub in San Francisco hanging out with my friends and meeting a whole bunch of Peter‘s wonderful friends. What a great crowd!

OK, here’s the scoop on feety pajamas (or blanket sleepers for the more formal among you). Lands’ End has them in adult sizes which fit up to 5’7″. (Yes, we need to inform them that, at least among webgeeks, there is high demand for larger sizes). These are some damn fine feety pajamas. I love mine. In fact, I’m going to put them on now…
Much better. Here’s the blurb from the catalog:
“Polartec Sleeper snuggles you from tip to toe.
Zip up in this sleeper, ladies, and drafty bedrooms are instantly tamed. Gentle elastic at the ankles and a special non-skid foot surface in the footies improve the fit and function. Cuffs are rib-knit. And the light-weight Polartec 100 is warm, not overbearing. If wearing this makes you feel like a kid again, we’ve accomplished our mission. Machine wash. Made in USA. Hunter, Red, Deep Purple.
Women’s Regular fits 5’4″-5’7″. XS 4, S 6-8, M 10-12, L 14-16, XL 18-20. [Lands’ End item number] 5592-3AW3 $58.50.”
Note: monogramming is only $5 extra. Believe me, the extra joy of having “MetaGrrrl” embroidered on my bright red romper suit is so worth that paltry sum.
Order by phone at 1-800-356-4444, tell them MetaGrrrl sent you and that we want larger sizes!

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2 thoughts on “Feety Pajamas!”

  1. MetaGrrrl:
    Just to add to your scoop, there are many companies manufacturing footed pajamas these days! That is cool because there are so many styles and options to choose from. Besides Land’s End there are:
    * Jumpen Jammerz
    * Big Feet
    * Nick and Nora
    * Footzies
    * Guide Gear
    You can see some of them here:
    This is very new! The reason there are now so many manufacturers is that Adult sized footed pajamas are becoming very popular these days. They are not only a fashion trend, they are money savers. Footed pajamas are so warm, you can actually turn down the heat and save quite a bit of money with them.


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