Tis the season…

Got all my receipts entered and planned bills. It’s ugly, but survivable.Considering how many nice prezzies I bought this year and having to get new tires for the car, it could be worse. (Well, actually it couldn’t be much worse – I’m almost out of money and close to my limit on my one credit card). The big drag is that my student loan payments of almost $250 a month start in January. Ugh.

Man, wrapping these presents is taking a long time. I guess that mean life is going well, eh?

Stayed up until 2am last night talking to Peter, but I’m glad I took the chance because I won’t to talk to him again for a week and a half. 😦

Don’t forget to buy yourself a pair of feety pajamas. You deserve them.

Had a really nice relaxing bath last night in water rendered silky and delicious by homemade bath stuff from my friends. I think luxury presents are the best. That includes the wonderful simple stuff too. I have this great basic little grey wool cardigan that my ex-mother-in-law (mother outlaw?), Marit, gave me that I just adore.

Dang. Gotta go buy more wrapping paper. Don’t you hate it when you get that damn translucent plastic stuff by accident? Hmm, leaving the house. I suppose this means I better change out of what I’m wearing.

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