Happy holidays

Home again now.
Tired, but mostly happy with my holidays and life’s little unexpected twists.
I’ll tell you about all the wonderful food I ate, but first I’m going to take a nap.

Now that I’ve napped and read my email and had few crackers with my new Maine Maple Champagne Mustard, I feel entirely happy with everything.
Well, my knee is a little twingy – slept on it funny last night, I guess – but that is a very small fly in my ointment.

It was a great long holiday weekend. Too much to tell about here in the sidebar [Apparently the layout of the site was quite different back then and the blog hadn’t yet become the primary content], so I’ll have to write some new Random Synaptic Firings. Being fundamentally lazy after all that travelling around I will type in a little letter I wrote. Seemed odd to try to go to sleep without telling Peter about my day and with no ICQ, I had to use this paper stuff and make little scratchy marks on it with an ink pen. Weird. 😉

Ok, I’ll write more later, time now to go to dinner with Lisa & Fred. Yay!

Dinner with Fred & Lisa was yummy and then we played this great game called Fluxx. Big fun! And then they drove me home and tried on my feety pajamas. Normally Lisa corners the market on cute, but Fred was just about intolerably sweet in them. His will, of course, have to be purple.

So, I’m puttering around working on this and that on the site and tidying the house. Smiling. Tonight was good. Last night was great. (I know you are, but what am I?) Damn, pretty much the whole last week has been fabulous.

Just put up the first part of a new rsf about my travels during the holidays.

Heavy rotation:
Sheila Chandra’s ABoneCroneDrone. The sample on Amazon’s site isn’t really characteristic of the album as a whole. If you like Peter Gabriel’s Passion (soundtrack to Last Temptation of Christ), this would probably appeal to you in a mellow mood. (Yes, it’s true: Passion is the seduction music of the 90’s. Come on, does anyone out there own this album who hasn’t had sex listening to it?)

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