Impeachment? Give it a fucking rest, already.

Worked a long day. Money! Yay! Tired. Boo!

Read all today and yesterday’s posts to the monkeyjunkies list. And I’m going to read a hundred of the one’s waiting for me to get through. There’s only a little over 10,000 of those.

The House of Representatives has impeached the President. Now the Senate is considering a completely open-ended trial. We face key economic and foreign policy challenges in the coming year and the government is obsessed with the President’s sex life. Frankly, I don’t think what happened with Lewinsky hurt anyone. Not Monica, not Hillary (I think she knew), and certainly not the American people. When will Congress set aside partisanship and address the nation’s real interests? Are you as sick of this bullshit as I am?
I’m participating in an Internet campaign to tell our representatives that we’ve had enough. The President can receive censure from the Congress (though I don’t even feel that’s necessary) and we should all move on. It’s time for the public interest to come first, and for our representatives to show real leadership.
You can help. Just go to to sign the petition and take action. It only takes a minute. And then if you tell more people, the ball will keep rolling. Our voices will be heard. If not now, then loud and clear on every election day from now until all the supporters of this whole impeachment idiocy are out of office.

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