Named After: Alice’s cat.
Middle Name: Patrice.
Nickname: None until choosing MetaGrrrl as my nom du web.
Place of birth: Stockton, CA. (but I escaped by age 4, no harm was done).
Parents: Jinx & Paul, Fred & Lindy.
Siblings: None.
School: Yes, lots. B.A. in Elizabethan History, Masters in Library & Information Science with a focus in Web Design.
Best Friends: B.J. West, Beverly Chambers, Edmond Meinfelder, Fil Maresca
Pets: Fido & Hepsibah, the rubber rats.
Jobs: Webcrafter, Information Architect, Teacher, Internet Implementation Manager.
Things You Collect: quotations, friends.
Favorite Quote: “The things that make us happy, make us wise.” – John Crowley from Little, Big
Words Or Phrases You Overuse: “um”, …
A Non-Sport Game At Which You Excel: Reference Poker.
A Non-Sport Game Which You Enjoy: Civilization II, Pharoah, The Sims, Grim Fandango.
Dream Car: Didn’t dream about cars – until I got my company car, a yellow New Beetle who I named Butterblume (German for buttercup). She has since been replaced by a Turbo Beetle named Lady Marmalade (cuz she’s fast).
Coolest Experience In Life: Opening my own business [*** link to oldmedia ***].
Also the Scariest Thing You’ve Ever Done.
Fave Thing To Do In The Spring: look at green green hills with black oak trees and smell the rain.
Fave Thing To Do In The Summer: Stay up too late with friends.
Fave Thing To Do In The Fall: Soak up the negative ions after the first rain.
Fave Thing To Do In The Winter: Be cozy.
Little-Known Talent You Possess: (classified)
Song That Couldn’t Be Improved Upon: REM’s “Nightswimming”
What You Want To Be: Celebrating with friends the successful launch of our company’s next project.
Future Goals: To work the web with a team of creative, funny and talented people. [Hey! Bingo! Very cool.]
Denomination (if any): Do as you would be done by. (Basically an atheist with a profound belief in the spiritual force of goodness).
Fave Music: Eclectic as fuck.
Fave Color: to look at: bright spring grass green; to wear: red&white&black
Fave Food: Japanese (used to be Thai, but I’m eating leaner now).
Least Fave Food: Fatty bits.
Funniest People You Know: Mark Bakalor, Keoni Littlemouse, John Gilkey, James Lileks.
Fave Vacationing Spot: London
Fave Subject: Love
Fave Sport(s): uh, sports? Well, uh, walking is good. I like to walk. I’ve even decided I’m going to walk the entire city of San Francisco, every street, every block. I should be done sometime before 2050.
Other Sport Games You Enjoy: um…
In And Around The 8track: REM, soundtrack to “Four Rooms”, They Might Be Giants, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Peter Gabriel, Robyn Hitchcock, Flanders & Swann, NIN, Joan Osborne, Billy Nayer Show, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, J.S. Bach.
Fave “Toy”: the Web
Fave Cartoon Character: The Tick
Fave Actor/Actress: Ian McKellan/Vanessa Redgrave
Fave Movies: Slacker, Hunt for Red October, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Fave Music Video: uh, no tv for a long time. I remember Duran Duran’s “The Chauffeur” with great fondness…oh and “Gratitude” by Danny Elfman
Fave Animal: Capybara
Fave TV Show: MST3K
Fave Day: Saturday
Fave Month(s): April
Fav Holiday: Halloween
Fave Part Of Newspaper: uh, not getting one?
Fave Toothpaste: Tom’s of Maine – Cinnamint
Fave Thing To Wear: feety pajamas!

[This was originally writting in January 1999, but judging by the addition of the goal of walking SF, I think it must have been revised a bit subsequently.]

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