The web girl life

Had an ok work day. Debugging a dynamically-generated site. Bleah.

Great visit with Kristin, Bill & Jessica. They are the coolest. Funny thing though, I would try to get them talking, but they must have been in quiet moods and would just ask me more questions. Not bad, I just felt a little egocentric. And poor Kristin got a re-run of a few pieces of news we’d talked about on the phone a couple days ago. I should spend time with them all more often. Kristin gave me a beautiful candle holder and some nice-smelling candles – jasmine & rose scent. Lovely. I gave her a frog. I guess we know who’s the goofball. 😉

Rewrote the Dinah page [Now the Dinah categories] and created a new rsf of random facts [“random synaptic firings” was a collection of slightly longer pieces of writing formerly segregated from the rest of the blog, now contained in its own category. In this case, I’ve now (January 2004) classified that one as not an rsf, but part of the Dinah – introduction category].

Had fun talking design process with Peter and helped him with a diagram. I’ll link to his article as soon as he finishes it and puts it up. He’s synthesizing some really important concepts. Nice little thinker, that boy. Fabulous lower lip too. Ah, well.

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