I’ve got a habit

Got a bill from my ISP . Apparently I went over the 125 hours a month limit in January, so I have to pay an extra $6. Um, considering that I turn my connection off at night and while I’m at work (where I’m online about 40 hours a week), I think you could safely call me a hardcore webgeek.

Phrase du jour: “to eat the sleepy applesauce“.

I’m working on another new project, but “www.pillowbook.net” is all I’m saying for the moment. [If I recall rightly, this was going to be a weblog for people to post the things they wouldn’t dare post to their own sites – sexy & snarky comments – but are dying to say. Matt Haughey made a great background graphic for me and then nothing ever came of the site. Couldn’t get a critical mass of people writing so no one would feel too identifiable, I suppose. I let the domain ownership lapse and the site it links to now is dead.]

F/X: The Club is having a reunion. I made the website. Be gentle, it’s only the first draft. [Link dead as of August 2003]

Poor neglected lil’ website! I’ve been busy working early mornings and doing other projects. Sorry to keep you unupdated on my every move. 😉

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