The Slow But Successful Climb Out of Debt

I love Quicken. It is so wonderful. I’ve been using it for 8 or 9 years now and I just adore it. [Unfortunately, between 1999 and 2003 Intuit managed to fuck it up. It’s a buggy dog on the Mac now. How quickly they forget from whence they came!] It performed a very useful function today, for example, by relieving my depression. I was very upset and unhappy yesterday when an inexplicable delay caused my paycheck to deposit late and thereby bounce my rent check. *sigh* It’s good now of course, but such things do not enhance the landlord/tenant relationship. Well, one of the chores I did this afternoon was to make sure I had all my receipts etc entered and then I noticed that my net worth (displayed at the bottom of the accounts list) had just slid under negative $34K. Scary, I know, but this is a big cause for celebration. (Half of it is student loan, so it’s not *that* bad). Well, I ran a little report and found that since moving into my apartment last June, my net worth has actually gone up $2200, so despite setbacks and my still massive debt load, I am making progress. This restores my faith considerably. [And I’m so glad I wrote this post long ago because I was just celebrating my net worth having just dropped under negative $4K. It seemed like a nice forward step in a long journey, but it sure is heartening to realize I managed to pay off $30K in debt in 4 and a half years.]

Hooray! It’s Friday and my week of 6am alarms is over! Yay! And I even left work early today (worked extra hours last week…) so not only is it 5:15 and officially the weekend, I’ve been home for hours and gotten tons done!

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2 thoughts on “The Slow But Successful Climb Out of Debt”

  1. I’ve managed to save up roughly $10650 in my bank account, but I’m not sure if I should buy a house or not. Do you think the market is stable or do you think that home prices will decrease by a lot


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