More DSL hassles

Having a lovely day. Brunch & walking on the baylands & strange short films with Edmond. Beautiful light and clouds all day. Very relaxing. Very much the way Sundays ought to go.

And two of these pieces of email waiting for me that I love to get:
“Dear {spamfighter at [the M word] dot com} [Oh, that’s why I get so much spam to that address…Word to the wise: don’t put email addresses in clear text on web pages.]
Thank you for reporting the unsolicited commercial e-mail that you recently received. We have cancelled the sender’s account for complaints of spam, which violate(s) our Terms & Conditions Agreement.”
Aaahhh, it just gives me a rosy glow.

All this pleasantness has kept me from becoming distressed over the dawning realization that I don’t have a cold or allergies, but instead have a sinus infection. *sigh* Good thing I still have good health coverage and was planning to visit a doctor for my annual checkup soon anyhow.

Also remarkably unperturbed by returning home mid-afternoon to pick up the afore-mentioned strange short films and finding two messages from PacBell, one saying “Your work order is complete” and the other from some guy named Buzz saying “Oh, we’re really sorry we didn’t finish your work order we’ll get right on it tomorrow” and leaving no number. Somehow I wasn’t really suprised when I walked back later from Edmond’s place (a mere 600 or so feet away) and I had no dialtone. Ah, those talented PacBell folk. I turned around and walked right back to use E’s phone and report the problem. Fortunately, the so-competent-I-have-a-hard-time-believing-she-really-works-for-PacBell Leah was working today and I have great faith that she will fix all my problems. Well, ok, probably not the sinus infection, but all my phone problems anyhow.

The strange films we watched were created by the incomparable Billy Nayer Show

And now it’s time for a smackerel of something to nibble and to play a game. Ah, Sundays.

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