I’m full of questions tonight.

The year is 25% over. Does that freak you out too?

Is all balsamic vinegar from Modena?

Is it completely bent of me to update this before cooking myself some dinner when I didn’t get home from work until 8:30?

Pete sent me astonishing news from the world of science. Bless his twisted little heart.

And another friend, whom we shall refer to as Madame K., sent me this delectable morsel. Love those regimental Scots!

Sweet Harriet is a local band I really like. Just a couple of really excellent singer/songwriters.

So, I really want to go to Web99 at the end of June. I mean, I want to go to all 5 days of Web99. Unfortunately, that costs about $1700. Now I might be able to coax my employer into paying me while I go, but I may be changing from contracting to direct employment soon. So, until I know who’s going to be cutting my checks then, I definitely can’t get anybody to pay for the conference and my odds of them picking it up even if I do get hired are slim at best.
Therefore, here’s my proposal to anyone seeking a good investment: I’ll pay 10% interest, over a 12 month payback, and sign nice legal documents. I’m safer than the stock market – just ask my investor for Inkspot: I paid him back $15,000 on time despite closing the store.

I feel better now that I’ve seen The Original Duct Tape Jesus. Thanks, Pete.

Hmmm, 9:36. Time for dinner.

Fixed the egregious errors in my Spam and How to Fight It article [As of January 2004, I’ve decided not to migrate that content into TypePad. It’s too out of date and I don’t want people wandering into it off Google.]. Thanks, pak.

Dang! Shoulda done dishes. I always think of it just a bit later than is appropriate for all that splashing & clanking.

Only took me about 9 months to remember to put this on my site:
recycle.gif made with 100% recycled electrons
Thanks for setting such a good example, Luke 😉

This page makes me happy. Be sure to scroll down to see Hello Kitty in her wrathful aspect. And notice the title [“Please open your browser to the width of this window”] which is about the funniest damn thing I’ve seen in ages.

Can you tell I’m cleaning up my piles of “oughta make a link to that on my site” email messages?

Oh, and Paul sent me some links to pages about reading mail headers. There’s the alt.spam FAQ and this one about tracking spam. I don’t really have anything to say about them yet because I haven’t looked at them. Well, ok, I looked at them. Blankly. And then I made these links so I could read them later when I was more interested.

Forgot to mention that I’m really hoping my pal stirs up more trouble at Web99. He said bad words last time. Naughty Carl.

Gotta get that sorta thing out of my system before I start teaching, I suppose…

I’m a wee bit worried about Edmond.
I think he might be working too hard.
Then again, I’m the one making this silly page, so perhaps it’s me…

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