Good Things

Another weekend frittered away on hanging out with friends, helping my parents, letting my parents help me, making my apartment a nicer place to live, spending time with That Guy I’m All Mushy About and generally improving my life.

Where are my priorities?

Oh, yeah, and I’m helping turn the world upside down. It’s the last paradigm of the century; get on the cluetrain.

Didn’t do any work this long weekend as I’d planned to, but got lots of other things done. (HP was closed Friday so I couldn’t get in to do anything).

Last night I slept really well. Today I went for a nice walk and I ate right. I am going to see if I can keep this trend going. Heck, I think I’ll even floss. What a paragon of virtue I am! (Oh, quit coughing like that).

Coolness: I just heard local 80’s band Game Theory played on [Link (& company apparently) dead as of January 2004]. Yeah, there sure are some advantages to DSL despite all the hassles.

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