If I should die tomorrow…

Fortunately, I slept very well last night. I say “fortunately” because I’m very tired now from working 2 long days in a row and expect to work 2 more long days in a row and then an average sort of day on Friday. I’m making up hours lost when HP was closed last Friday and I couldn’t get in the building to work. Not that I didn’t enjoy my day off…

Arachnophilia is an interesting site which I’ve only just begun to explore. Haven’t tried the web editor offered there yet.

It’s kind of nice having someone you’re rather fond of decide to have a camera on his desk taking his picture over and over all day.

Ugh. I should do dishes before it gets too late. And then it will be bedtime. Tsk tsk. Working long hours is a bit of a drag.

So I’ll be teaching a class this summer. Wow. I’ll be a busy grrrl.

I’ll be teaching a class that starts in 2 months. Seems like plenty of time, but I’ve got an awful lot of preparing to do still. What an adventure.

Time for bed now. Tomorrow I have nothing planned but work. Thursday the same. Another busy weekend ahead. I really ought to stop scheduling so many things, but I know too many interesting people. And I might get hit by a bus tomorrow, so let’s keep dancing. Let’s break out the booze and have a ball, if that’s all there is. (Hmm, actually I’ve never been much of a drinker and I can’t dance much at all with my knee all messed up, but having a ball, that, now that I can do).

If by some stroke of bitter irony I am in fact hit by a bus tomorrow, please remember that I want to be parted out completely. Donate all those bits of meat and juice, I won’t need them and I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to pay to have them buried in the ground.

Oh, and so you won’t fight over her, I leave Luxury (my leather chair) to … no, no, better not say, it might only lead to deadly temptation.

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