Learning by imitation

Edmond is a cleaning whirlwind! Whoooshh!

I’m working on the computer. I guess I can virtually clean out this backlog of links for all y’all (insert clever backlog/weblog pun here).

Dave McKean is as cool on the web as in print – just wait for those purty images to download. The Dreamline site is very well designed by Scotch [comments pertain to no longer extant site at vivisect.org] and is the most beautiful piece of web work I’ve seen in a long time. I am shamelessly stealing some of the techniques used there beginning with the elegant use of the status bar to indicate the destination of a link. This is a much less intrusive way for me to tell you if a link goes off the MetaGrrrl site than using this icon: leavemg.gif. It’s a cute icon, but I’ll be phasing it out now; just look down at the status bar in the bottom of your browser window as you mouse over a link and I’ll tell you where I’m sending you. [Except I since (sometime between May 1999 and now, August 2003) learned that that means you can’t see the real URL the link goes to and that’s even worse. The advent of the title attribute for links makes this all obsolete.]

I have so many books I want to buy. *sigh*

MetaGrrrl’s Bigass Book List

The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design edited by Brenda Laurel

more Donald Norman

Building Dynamic HTML GUIs by Steve Champeon
(and check out his bibliography)

A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander

Death & Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand

The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

[Of course, this list seems like nothing now in comparison to my Amazon wish list]

Ok, time for me to jump on the cleaning bandwagon with Edmond.

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