Bringing the world home

Stayed up too late last night seeing Bowfinger, the new movie with Steve Martin & Eddie Murphy. It’s a great little film and Edmond & I enjoyed it mightily.

This week I got a new laundry basket. It’s just lovely. A beautiful shape and subtle decoration. Plus it’s extremely practical and performed well in a trip to the laundromat on Friday night. Our new basket was made by some craftspeople in Ghana. I bought it from Novica which is about as close to getting it directly as you can do without going to Ghana. It cost me only about $15 including the shipping. When I just checked this there were still 9 baskets available.

I found out about Novica from The Hunger Site which you should visit every day. (I’ve added a banner at the bottom of this page to remind you) [and since removed it because it was too cluttered]. You click one button and food is donated to prevent world hunger. The donation is paid for by the advertisers whose small logos you see on the thank you page. It’s a simple demonstration of what can be achieved by small actions of many people. Now I want to see someone do The Birth Control Site and The Self-Sufficiency Farming Site.

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One thought on “Bringing the world home”

  1. As of January 2004 I am still using these laundry baskets (I had subsequent to this post ordered a second one). This older one lost its top and one handle, but it is still structurally sound. Quality African workmanship!


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