First Blogger post

Look out! I'm bloggin'!

[Most posts prior to this one are actually "time of day unknown" unless it was stated in the hand-coded post or written material. I've guessed or just used the time at which I entered the post into TypePad. – Dinah, January 2004]

[Ev says on the occasion of Blogger's 10th birthday that it launched 8/23/1999, I think that may be when they started using it in-house, given that I had Blogger blog #11 and would have posted immediately upon getting it I'd think.]

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5 thoughts on “First Blogger post”

  1. Nice site… [punk songs lyrics dot com, eh Mike? Y’know this “bump yer Google PageRank” attempt might be more effective if you didn’t do the same exact useless comment from two different email addresses and the same IP and URL on two of my older posts on the same day. That IP to ban, folks, is Fookin’ comment spammers.]


  2. Never heard about it! Tell me more please. [Sigh. More comment spam. From search dot webgu dot ru. That IP to ban is]


  3. Yeah thats a russian website, which allows users to post thousands of messages at a time on the net, but google is onto it, and any urls being promoted fro that site are being grey barred , meaning getting their page rank banned, a grey bar on the google toolbar


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