Dispatch from Carmel

My favorite note from Rageboy in quite some time:

The point of all this is to relate that in Carmel, which is not entirely dissimilar to the haunts of our youth, ecologically speaking, we saw one of those lizards we used to catch some 40 years ago. My God, the flood of memories that sight brought rushing back! Except it had been run over by a golf cart. It was so flat! We would not have believed an actual animal could be ironed out so smooth. It was as if it had been pressed. All it needed was a coat hanger and one of those plastic bags with the little twisty thing holding it together. Yes sir, here we are, your lizards are all ready to go. Have an enjoyable evening, sir. Or maybe it was just the whole resort atmosphere that made us think that. As always, very hard to know…

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