Sick sick sick. Being sick

Sick sick sick. Being sick sucks. If you aren’t sick (and I do hope you aren’t) may I recommend you take a deep breath through your unclogged nose, muss the hair on your non-aching head, smile a big smile with your unchapped lips, sing a happy song with your not-at-all-sore throat and dance on your steady, strong legs. Go ahead, just do the funky chicken, it’s totally appropriate.

For some reason, Blogger has moved me to New York and thinks it’s only 11pm or so. Really it’s 2am and I’m up again after going to bed weak and exhausted at 9pm.

I suggest you look into flu shots. Believe me, you don’t want what I’ve got.

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Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

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