So it appears we will

So it appears we will have a president who probably did not receive the popular vote and may well not have really received the votes necessary for an electoral win. Does the national vote fall within the margin of error of the voting machines? It certainly seems so.

I’m glad our constitional process works, but I think we have five important things to change in the next 4 years:
– reduce or eliminate the margin of error in voting devices;
– provide a means for a voter with a ballot receipt to determine if that ballot was counted and included in the total votes;
– split the electoral votes of a state proportional to the vote in that state (rather than this “winner take all” method);
– require the electors of a state to vote proportionally to the actual popular vote in that state.
– increase the teaching of cooperation and conflict resolution in schools (most now only teach competition, and I don’t just mean in gym).
We are a country made up of diverse opinions; we must have a government which reflects this diversity and which encourages us to find ways to work together.

Time to write some letters to Congress.

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