I did not fix the

I did not fix the screen door.
Yes, where it was formerly hanging by its bottom hinge, it is now attached to the trimboard around the door by both hinges and it closes and latches.
But I wouldn’t call it fixed. It was a cheap hack. I pumped a bunch of ancient old screwholes full of woodglue, pried up an overhanging piece of trim to wedge the hingeplate back in where the screws could get a grip and screwed the sucker back on by force of will and language which would make a sailor blush.
The door closes. It doesn’t latch on it’s own, but it can be latched. The half inch of open space at the top sort of defeats the purpose of a screen door, but it’s January dammit. If we’re still living here when the weather gets hot, I’ll get my neighbor Jim (who actually has carpentry skills) to help me rip off the door trim and attach a new screen door which isn’t a cheap piece of aluminum designed for installation only by trained engineers.

Feh. To hell with household handiwork. Back to the website…

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