Fights suck.

Fights with friends really suck.
Fights with friends which illustrate deep personality differences are sad and suckful.

It’s a good thing it’s my favorite time of year and I gain strength from the green hills and the flowers otherwise this would be even more difficult to get through. Seeing all my web-headed pals at SXSW will help too, but it still won’t be easy. I think I’ll be going through a lot of Kleenex this month.

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6 thoughts on “Fights suck.”

  1. At the end of grade 10, my two best friends decided to call it quits. I had been going steady with this guy for at least 6 months and i spent everyday with him. I guess they got pissed off at me and told me i was a lier and a bad friend and they didnt talk to me. when summer started i started hanging out with other friends and not so much with my boyfriend, one of my ex best friends (jen) talked to me in the middle of the summer on msn about her issues with this guy her and my other friend(holly) liked. this guy named ceaser was playing with their minds and to make a long story short, jen told me everything about what happened but she never told holly. in my opinion a best friend tells the other friend everything not some random person your not friends with. so when school started, we all started talking again and i have lunch with holly so i told holly almost everything, stuff she should hear, not stuff that could wreck their friendship. jen said alot of shit about holly to me and i have an email to prove it and she also madout with ceaser(hollys boyfriend)so i didnt say that. so holly thanked me for telling her, and she conronted jen, jen called me a lier and bitch and then holly turned on me saying how could i have believed you, your such a bitch. so ya everything is starting over again and i dont no what to do,…


  2. Yeah, fights with friends really suck. Right now I am going through the biggest fight I have ever had with one of my closest friends. It all started because I got my first boyfriend, and it was all good. Then I started hanging out with him a little more, and my 2 best friends, Brynn and Chelsea, just decided one day to get mad at me, for “not spending time with them”. At first I felt bad and so I apologized almost immediatley, and then decided to try and spend a little more time with them, even though I had spent the entire last two weekends with them. And I do mean ENTIRE. Anyways, we got over that pretty quickly, but I was still mad and I vented alot of my feelings at lunch to my friend Grace, and I said alot of stuff I didnt mean. I never wanted any of it to get out, but it did. And so today, my friend Chelsea came storming to her locker, at first I wasnt sure what was wrong but then I realized she was mad at me…and that’s when I blew up. I yelled at her in the hallway, and we argued. I was really upset about it. So in Biology class, I wrote a note to her apologizing about saying the stuff I did say, and I put it in her locker before lunch. I have no classes with her, so I have no clue what goes on. But my friend Lucia, who has lots of classes with her and me, told me she got the note. In my note I apologized alot, and then I simply said ‘I’d appreciate it if you would apologize too…’ and so when I asked Lucia if Chelsea was still mad at me, she said yes. I asked her why, and she said ‘Because she said something about you asking her to apologize and how she couldnt do that’ and that pissed me off. If I could apologize, even when I really didnt want to, she could do the same. But she’s too stubborn, and I really hate her right now. All I can do is wait and hope that she forgives me, and if im lucky apologizes. My poor boyfriend even said that if I had to choose between friends and him, that I should choose friends, cause they are more important. This almost made me cry. (even more, cause I was already crying)I actually have contemplated whether to break up with him, even though I love having him as a boyfriend, just to make my friends happy…man, they have made me depressed. Any help?


  3. Wow, Madison, that is hard and a drag. I guess the important thing to remember is that you probably won’t have to choose between friends and a boyfriend. You may just have to plan a little more so that you get time with both, plus a little time for just you time.
    I say tell your friends you still want to be their friend and you’re sorry everyone got mad – including you. Maybe it’s easier to just write them a note or email or text. They’ll probably get done being mad soon too and be ready to be friendly again.
    Maybe it also helps to know that as you get older, this stuff sort of gets easier, but getting upset still happens to everybody and if you’re honest about how you feel and you apologize if you said things that were mean, it pretty much always all works out.
    Good luck and I hope you get to enjoy good times with all of them!


  4. Yeah, well it’s been awhile since this fight occured. Basically I sent her an email giving her my side of the story, I told her how I felt and how I really didnt mean the things I said. I, once again, apologized for everything. She finally got my message and she sent me a message back, she told me everything she felt and basically that she was sorry. I guess what made me angry was that she was trying to twist the entire situation and blame everything on me. She told me how she was annoyed at how much time I spent with him, and that it seemed like I ditched her to be with him. Well…ever since this fight I have spent just about every minute I can hanging out with my friends, as a result, i believe my boyfriend is going to break up with me. He wrote a note on facebook, he didnt say exactly what was bothering him but a line read: ‘I tried to make it worth your time; i tried to stay, but even as i type, we’re slipping apart.’ I know I should be worried and upset, but I wont be until I know for sure this is what’s bothering him. Thankfully, I understand that it’s not the end of the world if he does break up with me, it’s only a highschool relationship, they never last. Of course, I dont want it to end, but i dont really know how i can stop it. If I start spending time with him, I worry that my friends will start getting those “feelings” again. I see no solution to my problems.


  5. Ouch, that does sound tough, Madison.
    I guess the advice I can give from a lot of years down the road is that the best relationships seem to have a mix of hanging out just me with my friends and me & my boyfriend with our friends. The times where the boyfriend doesn’t get along at all with my friends or where I don’t get along at all with his are more often, I think, the ones where the relationship didn’t work out in the long run. It also seems like a key ingredient for success is not resenting that each will need at least some time alone or doing social stuff without the other.
    Give and take is a tricky dance to learn – and you always need to learn new steps with each new partner! – but so worth the effort.
    Good luck with it all and do enjoy the good times while they’re happening!


  6. I wish I would have gotten on here earlier, before today. Because about an hour ago my boyfriend broke up with me. It hurts…because afterall, he was my first boyfriend. I just keep telling myself that it’s not the end of the world. Somehow I just cant make my mind believe it. I thought I would be ready for this, but it hurts alot more than you would think. Luckily it was over the computer, so I wasnt an emotional wreck in public. It sucks alot…and i have cried, alot. But I just told him that I understood, and we could still be friends. Even though thats like having your dog die and your mom saying “you can still keep it”. Ah well, shake off the tears and enjoy life. There are plenty of other guys out there.


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