Good Busy

I had a great time in San Francisco this weekend and an odd, but sort-of relaxing day today.

Friday: Worked and then drove to San Francisco for dinner at Tokyo Go Go with Jesse James Garrett. He listened to me chatter excitedly about my many projects and, as usual, asked questions and made comments which brought me clarity and new insight. After dinner I checked in at the Embassy Hotel and then strolled around the corner to have The Billy Nayer Show rock my socks at the Great American Music Hall. Back at the hotel afterwards, I slept well despite all the city noise.

Saturday: Wonderful to wake up in The City, especially so to a beautiful day. Drove about looking at the pretty buildings and people and views. Ended up at Kate’s Kitchen for a delicious omelette. Afterwards, I went to Comic Experience and spent $100+ on books (Alan Moore’s From Hell, Bryan Talbot’s The Tale Of One Bad Rat, Rick Geary’s The Borden Tragedy, Milligan & Fegredo’s Enigma and Gaiman & McKean’s The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish). Thank you, tax refund. Also stuck my nose into Gamescape and managed to keep my Magic card purchases under $25. After all the self-indulgent shopping, I went to Kevin‘s, got a tour of his gorgeous North Beach apartment and went for brunch across town at The Slow Club. My hefty omelette restricted me to a virgin Mary and some of the Slow Club’s excellent biscuits. Well, and a bite or three of the delicious risotto which Kevin was having. We talked about Central Booking and made excellent progress on a site definition document which can be used in the upcoming round of improvements.

After dropping Kevin off later, I drove south on Fillmore and had the pleasure of waving at B.J. as he waved down from his apartment window. Didn’t get the chance to get together this visit, but we had nice phone conversation and a waved hello. When I got home, I’d recovered my appetite and Edmond and Jun were up for some dinner, so we went to Sushi Tomi and ate wonderful things. Tried some new dishes we really liked. After dinner we spent a nice long time puttering around in Bookbuyers. Ah, friends who will happily spend an hour in the used bookstore are good friends indeed.

Today: woke up fully intending to spend most of the day working on The Book Proposal. And then the cramps started. *sigh* I’m not using this womb; I don’t see why I should have all these maintenance hassles. So, I passed most of the day with a combination of Motrin and comic books. By evening I felt better and managed to get 2+ hours of work done, but didn’t make the kind of progress I’d hoped to. Part of the problem is the scope of the task I’ve undertaken. This will be a very substantial book, so describing it in detail is taking some time. On the bright side, given the enormous amount of work involved, I don’t feel a tremendous risk of getting scooped by someone else putting out a similar one.

Well, it’s coming up on 11pm and another lovely workweek looms on the horizon, so it’s off to bed. Take care, dear reader, and don’t forget to take time for fun and friends and good food!

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Dinah from Kabalor

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2 thoughts on “Good Busy”

  1. Hi!
    Great article there.
    I was just wondering if you’d be interested in reading a fanfic I wrote which was sort of a prelude to “The Enigma” by Peter Milligan and Duncan F. Its also eight-issues long, and part of a larger site called DCFutures.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Have a nice day!


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