I have a new goal.

It’s an outrageous goal, but I’ve given myself the next 40 or 50 years to accomplish it:

I will walk San Francisco.
Every street.
Every block.

I made a nice start this weekend on a 4 mile jaunt with my dear friend Fil around Castro/Noe Valley. We recommend this walk which is #13 in Walking San Francisco. We especially liked the Vulcan Street stairs which were beautiful and peaceful in the midst of the city’s excitement. We agreed that we’d happily accept any of those houses. Not a problem at all.

“How are you documenting all this?”, you may ask. Well, I have a San Francisco Cross-street Directory (bought at the Rand McNally store at 2nd & Market) which fits in my back pocket and I carry a highlighter to mark where I go. I also have a larger map on the wall at home where I can also mark my travels to see the city at a glance. Right now only a tiny tiny percentage of the streets have been highlighted. This is a project to look forward to!

One fun thing to do after a walk is to check the Streets of San Francisco to find out where their names came from. From it, I just learned that the hill we were climbing up was Mt. Olympus, which certainly explains our passing along Vulcan & Mars!

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One thought on “I have a new goal.”

  1. Great idea. I once undertook to bike every street of the one small piece of Austin where I made my lunch and coffee runs, but I gave it up. 40 or 50 years sounds right for a whole city.
    On a longish car trip I just listened to the unabridged audio version of Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City. So I’m presently loaded up with a good dose of nostalgia for a place that I’ve just visited a few times.
    Regarding documentation, I’m reminded of Jon Udell’s walking tour of Keene, NH: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/gems/gmap2_flash.html
    “We will annotate the planet.”


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