I am not 100 or even 120 pounds and yet somehow I still manage to face the world each day

It was definitely past time for some realistic body imagery for women. Check out this ad for Just My Size: Fast web connection, RealPlayer, Fast connection, Windows Media Player, Average connection, RealPlayer or Average connection, Windows Media Player.

Their ad on the back cover of Better Homes & Gardens says this:

I am
the sum of my parts
and infinitely more so.
The hum of my brain,
the curve of my torso.
The spark of my wit,
the depth of my heart.
Size is no measure
for such a work of art.

Right, so it’s from an ad agency, they’re targeting a market. Who cares? Someone is finally giving off the right messages about body image and I say more power to them! (Plus their models are totally hot and really ought to be adorning a few locker doors).

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