I Left My Heart…

I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about moving to San Francisco. I spend as much time there as I can and I love it. The problems are that I have a really comfortable living situation in Mountain View now and I work in Santa Clara. If I could teleport my home (along with cool housemate & good neighbors on either side) to SF, I would, but so far that solution seems unavailable. Damn pity, because if I could do that, I could probably also teleport to & from work each day which is a darn sight more attractive than the alternatives.

So I dither. “Too expensive, too much hassle, too long a commute, would have to move into a smaller place” but “love The City, could walk more blocks anytime I want, nearer to more friends, feels like home, closer to family”.

I go back and forth, but I will end up there. At Fray Day, I said to Derek “I’ll be up here within two years” to which he replied “Ha! I give you one!”. He’s right. As it is, I feel the pull every day. The whole situation is summed up by this exchange:

A guest looks at the map of San Francisco on my wall while talking about the way to Krispy Kreme: “Oh, that’s right. You don’t have a map of your own city.”
Me: “No, I do, I just don’t live in my city.”

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