The Second-Best Medicine

Tonight, because I made a pact with Mena that we were going to damn well put our dusty exercise equipment to use, I rode my exercise bike for 45 minutes. The longer I rode, the better my mood got and the clearer my thinking got. I realized I hadn’t had a good relaxing physical workout since I walked on the morning of November 11th. I’d walked in a bad mood, I’d walked short distances in non-relaxing environments (hello, Costco), I’d had relatively non-athletic sex, but no pure time of just moving my body and letting my mind clear.

Ahhhh, so that’s what I’ve been missing. I feel loads better. Thanks to everyone who’s been patient & supportive over the last few weeks. There was a lot to stress over and my forgetting (or being too sick) to move my body and release some of that tension didn’t help me be easier to be around.

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6 thoughts on “The Second-Best Medicine”

  1. Yeah Dinah!
    You know what, I feel great too –I still feel the exercise rush, four hours after getting off the treadmill.
    We’ve got to keep this up.


  2. That glow of virtue is the only thing that gets me out of bed before 6 a.m. to go work out.
    Congratulations, Dinah. I am so with you on the benefits of exercise.


  3. Good point!
    [Having ruined email, the fucking comment spammers are now gunning for our other modes of communication. That IP to ban is and, oh ho ho, it’s the same one as “Peter” below. Pricks.]


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