All The Posts I Could Make

The downside of public journaling is that sometimes it’s either going to be selfish or suppressed. There are things going on in my life that I’d like to talk about, but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I’m feeling… um, better not say that.

You know, when a relationship is just starting out, it seems like a bad idea to… er, no, no, don’t say that.

Is it normal to want to… heh, no, we’ll leave that unspoken.


Uh, well, I’ll tell you about how I park my car. Yes, that’s safe.
When I park, more often than not, I’m waaay far forward in the space. If you looked in front of our office you’d see a couple cars with their noses about 6 inches from the curb and then my car with the nose all the way over the curb and the tires almost touching it. I think this is a metaphor for the way I relate to people… oops… better stop there.

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8 thoughts on “All The Posts I Could Make”

  1. I tend to prefer parking at an angle rather than parallel, and I always look for a meter with time left on it. I guess you could say I’m selfish that way. Sometimes I cross the lines or turn my wheels a different direction from everyone else, just to be contrary. And sometimes I like to put my car in a big garage with lots of other cars of all different shapes, colors and sizes. Every now and then, I’ll hire a valet to do it for me.
    Wait, are we still talking about parking?


  2. I haven’t “parked” my car in a while. It’s so hard to find a parking spot around here. They look so great from afar … but then as you approach you realize there’s a fire hydrant and have to you pull away.
    Sometime though, you mistakenly pass by a legitimate parking spot, do a double-take, and wonder if you missed something …


  3. See that’s funny thing about euphemisms: they’re actually something other than what they seem to be on the surface. They are beautiful because of their inherent complexity. Unfortunately, it’s that trait which often ends up destroying the my love for them–a tragic flaw…
    When that happens, you just have to dump them. Then we return to the problem of where you’re going to park your car…
    But at least you have the memories…


  4. Well, you could always ditch your Caddy, buy yourself a Smart Car and kiss your parking woes good bye.
    We’ll be back in a moment with When good euphemisms go bad on Fox.


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