4 thoughts on “Gopher Purge”

  1. Thank you so much for saving this classic image. We had seen a similar bit of artwork (in vivid color, no less) in another catalog years ago, but it’s long lost. Still, whenever the situation and mood are right, we strike the pose and utter, “Gopher Purge!” accompanied by appropriate gagging sounds.


  2. Hi,
    Are these plant effective to get rid of gopher? Where can I buy the plants? Please let me know. Thanks.


  3. You can buy them through Gurney’s, or get a start from a friend. A friend gave me some. He claims he has no gophers. I have about 10 plants and many of them have seed pods.


  4. The best part is the plants are really cool-looking. They are strangely geometrical- they almost look like a fake plastic plant- and make pretty seed pods when the plant gets bigger. The Latin name is euphorbia lathyrus.


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