Level With Us

The Bush administration would like us to believe that they have no connection to Enron and that any malfeasance on Enron’s part certainly wouldn’t involve anyone in the administration. They would like us to take their word on this. They must think we’re fools.

A few things to consider:
– Enron has been Bush’s #1 financial backer over his political career.
– Enron participated in secret meetings of the Cheney task force which crafted a national energy strategy and the White House has refused to turn over records of these meetings.
– That energy plan includes tens of billions in taxpayer subsidies to the energy industry. It would also open the Arctic to oil drilling, but not substantially increase car mileage or energy efficiency. The House has approved it; Bush is pushing the Senate to do the same.
– Last summer, Enron and other companies manipulated the California energy market, costing taxpayers and consumers billions. Enron was a key player in lobbying for the California deregulation plan.
– Enron stands to gain $254 million in rebates of back taxes under the “stimulus” bill President Bush supports. The House has already passed it, and Bush is now leaning hard on the Senate to follow suit.
– Senior Enron executives allegedly made millions selling their stock at high prices, collectively walking off with $1.1 BILLION, yet prevented rank-and-file workers from selling theirs, causing many employees to lose their life savings.

This is disgusting. It’s time for the American people to stand up and say we won’t have our pockets picked to make a few bad businessmen & politicians rich and we won’t allow our environment to be raped for their profit.

Please join Move On’s Level With Us campaign to send email urging the President to make a full disclosure and making clear your disapproval of using public office for private gain.

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