A Good Friday

Had a really nice evening with my friends Hava & Matthew. They cooked me a lovely dinner*, made me laugh and generally proved themselves wonderful people to have in my life.

I’m doing a bit of thinking about Needs & Desires in relationships over in the Dinah area. Not done yet, by any means, but I’ve got a good list started. Much to mull over as I consolidate the lessons I’ve learned about myself. Ah and I do still intend to keep thinking about my unromantic desires. My main goal now, though, is to take care of myself emotionally and spend more time with my friends.

Mmm, and my goodness, I better take care of myself physically and go to bed. I’ve got to get up and help Kristin move tomorrow (speaking of friends!).

I’ll leave you with a cam shot of the Qualité moist towelettes I keep by my computer in case of an emergency. I’m prepared for anything requiring me to have clean, lemon-scented fingers and you can’t imagine what a comfort to my mind that is.

*We had a Tofurkey and it was yummy!

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Dinah from Kabalor

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