High Gear

Well, it’s sunk in. I am moving out of my spacious suburban nest and into a tiny place in the big city. Awkward, challenging and completely thrilling! In the hope that it will help Edmond to find a new housemate, I’m going to get all the stuff from my room moved as quickly as possible. It’s a lovely big room with an enormous closet and I’m sure someone will fall for it (though that might turn out to be Edmond leaving his smaller, but still quite pleasant room for renting out. Anyhow, that’s all his choice and I hope it goes as smoothly & successfully as mine).

So, I’m moving. Tomorrow. Aieee! Nothing’s packed! Aaaaah!

But I have friends with boxes (hello Kristin & Jessa!), I’m picking up a cargo van from U-Haul at 5pm and I have the capacity to go into Tazmanian Devil mode on projects, so I think it will all be doable. I forsee no more than 6 trips down & up the stairs which will require a second person. I just hope that corner bookcase is light enough for me to carry the heavy end. So far my committed helpers are two wonderful women (Jessa for loading & Beverly for unloading, bless them) who are about equally un-hunky as I. I mean, we’re all mighty mighty, but we don’t have enormous lifting power.

So, ah, if you’re in Mountain View this evening or San Francisco tomorrow midday and you love to lift things, just drop me a little note, okay. 🙂

Hmm, note to self: reserve a hot tub at Watercourse Way soon. You will ache.

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3 thoughts on “High Gear”

  1. Okay, just got to put the last few things in the van to secure the load so it doesn’t shift around (it’s only one layer deep, so there isn’t *that* much stuff; I wish they’d had a 10 foot truck instead of this 14′). Then I hit the road, slowly, in commute traffic, in this behemoth. Thank goodness I’m moving to a flat street.
    So far no word from anyone else able to help with the move – O why did I decide to move on a weekday? – so it’ll be me & Beverly and possibly (I hope!) a guest appearance by Kevin Smokler on unload duty. Ah well, it’ll work out somehow. Just hope I can move at a consistent enough pace to get the truck empty and drive back down to return it by 5:30. As the Magic 8 Ball might say, odds are good.
    Off I go – think huge strong thoughts for me! 🙂


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