Moving Marathon

Hi. I am alive. I’m just moving and have no internet connectivity at my new place. Thursday – large stuff in van (help from Jessa, Bev & Kevin S.)
Friday – carload including bed (can’t remember if I had help, I think not)
Saturday – carload (can’t remember if I had help, I think so)
Sunday – too exhausted to do more than clean, unpack & shop for needed items
Monday – work 1/2 day then carload (load & unload by myself, except a little at the end from B.J. & Bev)
Today – carload (load by myself, appt in SF, unload with Bev)

eek. Mostly done, but boy am I pooped. Thanks for the supportive email, phone calls, comments & visits to the new fabu pad. I estimate 1 more load with my Mum on Friday then I can start cleaning & doing touch-up on the old place… and after that? I help B.J. & Bev move! Woo! Moving is fun! <— WARNING: sarcasm.

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Dinah from Kabalor

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5 thoughts on “Moving Marathon”

  1. Hey all, channelling Dinah for a minute: She asked me to let y’all know that she’s without internet connectivity for a bit, so thank you for sending email and comments, and she’ll be reading them as soon as she can. She’s also feeling under the weather (for which I am the likely Typhoid Mary Fury) but, unlike some people she refuses to post ‘oh how sick I am’ sympathy plea updates to the site.
    Let’s all wish her well anyhow.


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