A good reason to drive for an hour.

I have been sick since Tuesday night and had not left my new apartment (except for one delirious trip to Walgreens) until today when I finally felt a bit better. I knew I had lots of email waiting for me and I really wanted to wash my sheets (for free, without sitting around a laundromat for an hour) plus I haven’t actually finished moving all my stuff from Mountain View (most notably the computer remains in the southland, pending connectivity in The City).

So, this all added up to enough momentum to propel my feeble, coughing self to my car and thence, an hour away, to my old place, Chez Meinfelder (who is, by the way, still seeking a housemate to share this spacious, lovely & conveniently-located abode).

It’s gonna be good to sleep on clean sheets tonight. It is a fine thing to make a little progress on packing up the remaining items. I am really happy to catch up on my email. But it would have been worth the drive if all I got from it was this:

Derek put up a video clip of Lance telling one of his adventures working in live TV. Ladies & gentlemen, please enjoy The Perfesser.

(More clips are also available which demonstrate just why Fray Day is one of the most important holidays of my year).

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