oh dear.

Well, I got an ethernet cable and set up my new office (in my big closet!) and it all fits just great and it’s wonderful except for one small problem: I have the worst monitor flicker I’ve ever had. It’s terrible and it wasn’t like this across the room.

Anyone have any theories on what might be causing this? My speakers are not snugged up against the monitor, in fact there’s nothing electronic near it. There are no cable boxes on the side of the building outside, but there is a set of wires coming from the overhead cables that comes to the building next door about 10 feet away behind my monitor on the other side of the wall. Could that be it? Any shielding suggestions? Are flat panel monitors not prone to this? Any other suggestions?


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3 thoughts on “oh dear.”

  1. “in fact there’s nothing electronic near it”
    Where do you live, the North Pole?
    Though the drop-off for attenuation of RF power over distance is typically steep, that doesn’t mean something has to be near you. Something powerful, emitting RF, could be almost near you.
    You could always line your apartment with tin foil which has the extra advantage of blocking the command signals aliens keep broadcasting to our brains.


  2. Have you tried an extension cord plugged into the old outlet, to pinpoint whether it’s the monitor or the wiring picking up the interference?
    Maybe the closet outlet/wiring is more susceptible to interference or has some other fault.
    I’m no electrician so: no warranties, no guarantees, actual mileage may vary, objects appear closer than they are, blah, blah, blah.


  3. Monitor flicker is usually caused by one (or both) of two things: flourescent lighting, or something powered by AC sitting close to the monitor.
    Try turning the lights off; still flickering? If not, then you can change the lighting or adjust the refresh rate of your monitor.
    If it’s not the lighting, then move anything with a power cord at least 6 feet away from the monitor (for testing) – if this cures the flicker, move things back one at a time to discover the culprit and keep it away from the monitor.
    Flat screen monitors (LCD panels) are immune to these problems and look sexy, too. Pricey, though…


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