A Good Friday Night

Ah. Starting to feel a bit settled. I’m still having trouble getting to sleep at night, but I can sleep in so my schedule is a little wonky but not painful.

Telecommuted today, working on the next phase of CentralBooking.com and it’s going along well. I think we’ll be able to finish ahead of schedule – which everyone likes. Fingers crossed for continued smooth sailing.

Had dinner at Suppenküche with Clemens and Friederike who pronounced it very good. Clemens had Sauerbraten mit Preiselbeerkonfit�re, serviert mit Rotkohl und Spätzle and said it was the best south German food he’d had in the Bay Area. It’s a fun restaurant and I highly recommend it. The shared seating is actually lots of fun. We were next to two large and pleasant parties of people – a good place for extroverts!

Now I’m all warm and sleepy and faced with a dilemna: if I make the bed (currently in couch form) and brush my teeth and go to bed, will I actually be sleepy enough to go to sleep for the whole night? Or will I, as I strongly suspect, sleep for 2 hours and then wake refreshed and stay awake until 3 or 4 and totally screw up my sleep schedule?

Maybe I’ll make the bed and then play games for an hour. Jeez, so much for being an urbane city dweller – “Oh, goodness, it’s almost 10pm. *yawn*” I blame the good, rich German food.

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