Alcohol is a toxin, albeit a low-level one

I had one drink last night – a really well-made Mojito from the bartender at Club Deluxe – just one drink. I was in bed before 1am and woke up at 8:30am. I ought to feel relaxed and well-rested, but instead I am sluggish, nervous and scatter-brained. I need to get out to the car to look up some information for Kristin and then head south to Mountain View to do laundry and clean up some more before the landlady comes by to look around this afternoon. I am just sitting here all groggy. I’m drinking some green tea to perk myself up a tiny bit, so I should be able to go soon, but bleah. It’s time to learn some really good mocktails so I can get that “I’m drinking a complex and interesting beverage” satisfaction without the poisoned next morning feeling.

A big part of the problem, I know, is dehydration. I noticed last night that I have dry skin, flaky, like a sunburn, on my ribs. That’s not an area that gets ANY sun, so I know I better start drinking water by the gallon. AFter my one hour drive. Yes.

Almost 11am now and I’m feeling marginally better. I’ll just have another cup of tea and finish this game of Bejeweled, then get on the road. Ye gawds, that must have been one hell of a Mojito…

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