An Argument Against Free?

Jason once again reminds me why it’s worth checking his site every day. Today’s post is an interview with G. Beato containing this thought-provoking idea:

I think an important point has largely been overlooked — and that is that an environment where the majority of content is free or sponsored by advertisers ultimately favors corporate-created content.

I highly recommend you read the entire interview.

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2 thoughts on “An Argument Against Free?”

  1. I don’t think that it has to be that way.
    “Free” doesn’t have to conflict with “paid for.” People hate to watch stuff they like fall apart because it doesn’t make enough money, or to feel like freeloaders. Yet they like to get stuff for free. So why not get it for free, and then pay what they think it’s worth to them, and they can afford?
    I think PayPal and AHS are pretty weak for this, being relatively slow, inconvenient, and supporting minimum payments which can hardly be called “micro.” So I’ve been working on a modular, open system to support true microdonations: Buskpay (click my name for the Buskpay page).
    Anyway, just thought you might be interested, since I blundered onto your site with a search on “microdonations.”


  2. Wow. Darrell, thanks for stopping by. Buskpay is a very thoroughly thought out proposal.
    Folks, I encourage you to check out the ideas Darrell has put together at This is a great start to a true microdonation system.


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